Times Square New Year’s Eve Celebration 2007

Times Square New Year’s Eve Celebration

Times Square New Year’s Eve Celebration in NYC, New York, USA

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Times Square New Year’s Eve Celebration

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Times Square New Year’s Eve Celebration 2007

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31 December, 2007
Times Square New Year's Eve Celebration
Times Square has been a magnet for New Year’s Eve revellers for nearly 100 years. If you’re up for one of the world’s biggest and most famous New Year’s Eve parties, this is it.
You’ve probably seen it in countless Hollywood films and each year it is always the same. A six-foot (two metre) ball sits atop No. 1 Times Square (40 craftsman construct the sphere, which shimmers blindingly with 504 triangular pieces of Waterford) and at 11.59pm it begins its descent down a 77-foot (20 metre) flagpole. Cue frenzy. With much jostling, hugging, screaming and kissing, the ball touches bottom at the stroke of midnight and the crowd goes wild, ringing in the New Year in raucous New York style.
The crowds fill the space from 43rd and 59th Sts and between Broadway and 7th Ave to bursting. The best views are along Broadway from 43rd to 53rd and along 7th as far north as 59th. Bundle up against the icy weather and don’t forget warm socks! If you’ve other visits to make on this epic night, allow plenty of time and don’t expect to find a cab anywhere in the vicinity – all vehicular traffic flow stops at 6pm.


Times Square, New York City, USA


Ball drops at 11.59pm


By Subway: A, C, E, B, D, 1, 2, 3, 9 to Times Square.

By Bus: 42 runs crosstown on 42nd St.

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