New Giant Billboard in Times Square Unveiled

New Giant Billboard in Times Square is North America’s Biggest

The bright lights of Times Square, the “Cross Roads of the World” have a huge new addition. A giant billboard has been installed in front of the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square. Unveiled at 7:30PM tonight, this brand new digital display screen is the Largest Billboard in North America and the World’s Largest Resolution Video Display with 24 million pixels.

Times Square Billboard, New York City

The monster screen takes up a whole block from 45th Street to 46th Street on Broadway, is eight stories tall and as long as a football field at 330 feet!!!

Advertising on this giant billboard in Times Square, NYC will not be cheap and will cost advertisers a whopping 2.5 million dollars for a four week run. This price tag also gives the megascreen the distinction of being the costliest outdoor advertising spot in the US. Advertisers may get their money’s worth as Times Square is one of the most heavily trafficked places on the planet, with nearly 460,000 people visiting daily.

Google has signed up to be first advertiser on the biggest billboard in Times Square. The screen will exclusively shows Google ads from November 24th through New Year 2015.

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